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Leaving for a bit

2012-08-05 18:18:38 by Dracnum

I'm leaving in a few weeks and won't be back till after the new year. After that however i'm going to buy Fl Studio and i'm going to be alot more active then ive been lately.
Cheers everyone ;)

Leaving for a bit


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2012-08-05 18:21:40

kk gonna miss you.
nice pic by the way lol

Dracnum responds:

lol i was thinking of putting my logo on it but... didnt want to ruin the pic XD


2012-08-05 20:44:20

Noooooo don't go.... I love you...

Dracnum responds:

Sorry, your gonna have to tough it out for a while lol
keep up the good art by the way ;)